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Trackletics Live Episode 02 “Leaving a Legacy” Featuring Noah Williams

    SUBSCRIBE ➡️ Youtube WATCH MORE ➡️  @trackletics  SHOP TRACKLETICS ➡️ Trackletics   Introducing Trackletics Live! An interactive live show conversing about all things track and field featuring Trackletes, Track Coach’s, Nutritionist, Sports Performance Specialist, Sports Psychologist, and more.  On this episode of Trackletics Live our host Samar @samarlavaughn had the pleasure of speaking with Noah Williams @intl_noah about his track story, college experience at LSU, and goals for the future. Noah is now a professional track & field athlete representing Adidas.At the time of this conversation Noah was a college Tracklete specializing in the 200 Meter and the 400 Meter for LSU.   Follow Trackletics:Official Site: ➡️  TrackleticsYouTube: ➡️ Trackletics NetworkTwitter: ➡️  Trackletics TwitterInstagram: ➡️  Trackletics InstagramTikTok: ➡️  Trackletics...

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