Trackletics Live Episode #07 “Shock the World” Featuring Twanisha Tee Tee Terry


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Welcome to Trackletics Live!

We are excited to present a live interview series featuring some of the most remarkable and inspiring individuals in the world of Track and Field. From seasoned athletes and coaches to nutritionists, sports performance specialists, and sports psychologists, we're giving you an inside look at the world of Track and Field like never before.


In this episode of Trackletics Live, our host Samar had the honor of speaking with Twanisha Tee Tee Terry, a professional track and field athlete sponsored by Nike. Tee Tee has established herself as one of the brightest stars in the sport, with multiple championship titles and a dedication to her craft that is second to none. In this interview, she shares her insights and experiences on what it takes to succeed in the world of Track and Field.


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