4 Track Types

There are four basic types of track surfaces:

  • Dirt or crushed granite - These tracks require needle or pyramid spikes, usually not more than 1/4 in.


  • Asphalt - This is the hardest surface to run on. Spikes usually slip and slide around on asphalt so we recommend a cross country flat when running on asphalt. They have a rubber outsole without a hard spike plate. You'll only wear down your spikes by wearing them on asphalt, you wont gain any traction advantage.


  • All Weather - made of rubber, tartan, or Mondo (carpet-like) material. Generally use 3/16 needle spikes or smaller on these tracks. Most tracks like this have regulations regarding the size you can wear.


  • Indoor Tracks - Most temporary indoor tracks are wood with a carpet-like surface. Use 3/16 needle or smaller spikes, if they allow any at all.


Jumping runways and aprons are usually rubber or asphalt so wear short needle spikes. Javelin can be grass (use long pyramid), or any other surface mentioned above.

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