Randolph Ross 🇺🇲 has been banned by the AIU for 3 years - till 2025!!😳

Tracklete and 2-time NCAA 400m Champion, Randolph Ross 🇺🇲 has been banned by the AIU for 3 years - till 2025!!😳

He was banned for Whereabouts Failures and Tampering with part of Doping Control by an Athlete. His results from 18th June, 2022, have been disqualified.

The first whereabouts violation happened on April 14, 2022, when Ross neglected to update his information to show that he would be in Gainesville, Florida preparing to compete in the Tom Jones Memorial.

The second miss happened when he failed to update his whereabouts, saying he was caught up in the excitement of returning to the NCAA Championships in Eugene, where he defended his 400 title and made All-America in the two relays. In his appeal, he says, he offered AIU the results of his drug test in Eugene, but his appeal was rejected. “Everybody knows where I was. If you’re a program to help the athletes, if it was really about drug testing and making sure everybody’s clean, then they would’ve just come to the meet. They had people at the meet. It was not like they couldn’t find somebody. According to them, it was the information we log into the app.”

The third miss is where things get tricky. Ross says he updated his whereabouts through his phone app. He says, “It actually turns out that when you update them on the 15th, the information doesn’t roll over until the beginning of the next month.” He was moving from Greensboro, North Carolina, to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he had intended to finish out his collegiate eligibility running track for the Vols.

USADA got the memo on the move but the AIU did not. So the USADA showed up at his new address in Knoxville to administer a test. AIU showed up at his old address in Greensboro, where he no longer lived. BAM! Strike three.

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