Changing the Pace of Track & Field

 The CTFL is here, and they are changing up the sport of track and field. As the first track and field league of its kind, the Canadian Track and Field League brings together athletes from across the country as they compete for the championship.


The CTFL is composed of 128 athletes on four teams, who compete across 8 disciplines. To keep track of them all, we use the IAAF points system to rank the athletes performance as they compete for gold.

The CTFL was created by athletes, for the athletes, with the intention of growing the sport and putting money into athletes pockets.

The CTFL has already begun to shake up the traditional track and field model by providing fans with the opportunity to watch our events for free as opposed to needing to pay monthly subscription fees. The CTFL’s attempt to make track and field mainstream will be spearheaded by their “Metre by Metre” series which will give you a glimpse into the minds of some of our athletes, their struggles and triumphs. By having teams and valuing each event just as much as the next, they hope to bring the track and field community closer together as we change our sport for the better.

Make sure to follow us and subscribe to their YouTube page to keep up with this emerging league.

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