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The Canadian Track and Field League's mission, goals and structure.

What is the Mission and Goals of the CTFL? The CTFL's goal is to improve the track and field landscape within Canada for all athletes, coaches, clubs and fans. The league has two primary goals. The first is to bring more content to fans and help build the sport of track and field in Canada. Our second goal is to help athletes financially by providing them with a platform for them to use and build their own brand. The creation of a track and field league will allow Canadians to follow the sport in a more convenient way than ever before using a team based format. This format will help fans follow their favorite teams and athletes throughout their season...

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Trackletics x Canadian Track & Field League

“The CTFL is proud to announce the 2022 league sponsor!” -The CTFL We (Trackletics) have partnered with The CTFL as the official league sponsor. TRACKLETICS PRESENTS: The Canadian Track and Field League (CTFL) is the home for all things track and field in Canada. The league is composed of 4 teams, with 128 athletes competing across 8 disciplines. Keep track of your favorite teams and athletes as they progress through the meets this season. Both the teams and individual athletes will accumulate points during their season to determine the winners. Monitor the standings with the top three core athletes in each event and top six utility athletes winning cash prizes based on their season total points determined by the IAAF point...

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